About Us

Independence Living Centers is a family of senior healthcare providers
serving communities across the State of Florida. Our company was
founded on the principles of excellence and compassion where
residents and caregivers are partners in the healthcare journey. For
residents, personal choice is a key component in their plan of care
and our team of experienced staff members are empowered to go
above and beyond to provide an excellent experience by creating a
compassionate environment where the unique needs of each resident
are heard, respected and upheld.


With a wide range of services from short-term rehabilitation to longterm
living, each care plan is custom designed and delivered by an
outstanding, highly skilled team of caregivers. Whether our living center
is a short stop on the journey to recovery or a place to call home, our
team of experienced and talented partners are empowered to do
whatever it takes to help others lead a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.